DevTeam Group - IT product development from ideas to launch We develop, test, design and help with marketing of mobile and web applications,
e-commerce and fintech products for 7 years
of professionals
Our team works with all our heart and attention to detail
& Development
We create innovative digital products and services
White Label
We offer ready-to-use IT-products that you can bring to the market under your own brand name
We provide manageable IT and outsourcing services to help customers reduce costs
We conduct infrastructure and processes audit, helping customers to go digital - quickly and losslessly
About us
DevTeam Group DevTeam Group is a digital product development studio from Minsk, Belarus. It's a team of skilled developers and marketing specialists, modern designers, experienced managers and creators. We unite talents from all over the world into a cohesive multicultural team to create innovative products for your business.
Vahe Zakaryan
Head of Development
Valery Ostrikov
Deputy Director, Strategic development
Alexander Kachanovsky
Deputy Director, Economics
Natalya Arshavskaya
Deputy Chief of Staff
Olga Bobrovskaya
Head of Marketing Department
Denis Buren
Our projects
Gem Space
Gem Space is a Super App for communication, entertainment and making money with like-minded people.
  • Private chats: hide all messages from prying eyes
  • Catalog: easy search for channels, communities and bot assistants
  • News Feed: built-in AI for personalised content
  • Secure audio and video calls: built-in encryption tools to make every call in the app secure
  • Communities: channels and chats, your own news feed and privacy settings. Everything to create an organised space for communication by people with common interests.
Gem Market
A modern platform for online shopping with personalised recommendations. A convenient marketplace for those who appreciate agility, speed and convenience.
  • For sellers: your own store in 5 minutes!
    Fast product catalogue import, ready-made analytics tools for marketing and logistics - think only about business development, we'll take care of the rest.
  • For customers: a marketplace you wished for
    Smart personalised recommendations, partnerships with major delivery services and familiar payment methods.
Gem Ads
Gem Space's integrated ad placement and business promotion platform.
  • AI will show your ads to the right Gem Space audience
    for maximum reach.
  • Quick launch of ads on blogs, clear statistics about the past advertising campaign - a full set of tools for attracting new customers and increasing online sales.
Assistant bots
AI built-in bots work as real moderators, helping to create сontent your audience really wants to see and optimize communication.
  • Text bot: comes up with cool headlines, descriptions, and entire articles on given topics
  • Graphics bot: draws beautiful illustrations and covers on demand - just type prompt, and in a few seconds you'll get ready images
  • Real-time translator: will allow you to communicate seamlessly via the platform with people who speak other languages - there are now 24 of them!
White Label
We assemble ready-to-use IT products for your turnkey business from 3 months.
  • Flexible pricing: seamless integration
  • Branding: of the complete infrastructure
  • 24/7 support — we take care of all complex solutions and tasks
Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Smolyachkova, 14a